Flutter Interview Question

Flutter Interview Question 

1) Explain What is Flutter?

An open-source UI SDK, Flutter is developed by Google to develop UI for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and other major platforms. Initially released in May 2017Flutter enables you to create natively compiled apps for mobile and web from a single codebase. Flutter simplifies the process of creating cross-platform mobile apps.

2) Enlist some major features of Flutter?

Some of the major features of using Flutter is,
Fast Development - With the use of a rich set of fully customizable widgets, you can build native interfaces in minutes with Flutter.
Expressive and Flexible UI - The layered architecture present with the Flutter enables you to fully customize your UI. This results in fast rendering and expressive designs.
Native Performance - The widgets present in the Flutter incorporate all the critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation, icons, and more. It gives a full native performance on all platforms

3) List some advantages of Flutter?

Some advantages of using Flutter are,
  1. With Flutter, you can use the same UI and Business logic on all platforms.
  2. Flutter reduces the time of building application as it applies the changes instantly with the "hot reload" feature.
  3. Flutter gives you similar to native app performance.
  4. With Flutter, you can build applications not only for mobile platforms but also for desktop applications.
  5. Flutter gives you the ability to fully customize the UI on all platforms.

4) List minimum system requirements to install Flutter on Linux?

Minimum requirements to install Flutter on Linux are the 64-bit version of Linux600 MB free disk space, shared libraries and other tools.
Flutter uses tools such as bash, curl, git, mkdir, rm, unzip, which, zip, xz-utils.

5) What is a widget in Flutter?

Widgets are high-level objects in the Flutter that is used to describe any part of a UI of the application. Widgets are used to build the UI of your application. They describe the view information such as their configuration, and state. The widgets are displayed in a hierarchical order to be displayed onto the screen. Text, Buttons, checkboxes, scroll, images, and every other UI component in the Flutter is a widget.

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